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The Irish Lung Foundation is committed to raising vital funds for research, education and support for respiratory conditions. Our core ethos is to work in a socially responsible and collaborative manner.

The Irish Lung Foundation established 1988 has raised millions of euros in funds that’s has been used to support research, education and awareness.

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We have supported Colleges, hospitals, student grants and support groups through out the country and our plans going forward is to maintain this effort and expand our efforts into new fields of fundraising.

To date our fundraising activities have included lottery ticket street promotions, Bucket collections throughout the country, Event fundraising such as the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon. We have a great many thanks to all the volunteers, workers, communities, business and Public who have and continue to support the Foundation.

We are now looking to the future of the foundation and of fundraising. We are currently accessing new fundraising models and taking inspiration from the key objectives of Corporate Social Responsibility in writing our new initiatives and our future.